37... a film by a bus driver (2017)

An average day on a bus, directed by a bus driver and starring another bus driver.

The reaction

Released online in January 2017 for just five days. It hit nearly a third of a million views and reached 850,000 people. The London Evening Standard even asked us if they could to feature it on their website. 10,000 people 'liked' or reacted to it on Facebook and 5,000 people shared it. 52,000 people watched the film all the way through (that’s enough to fill the Odeon in Leicester Square every night for a month).

Sadly it's no longer available to watch online because Go Ahead, the company that employs the director and the lead actor, asked us to take it down. This is a real shame.

Email richard.david.braham@gmail.com for a screener link.

Monday morning

We were overwhelmed that the film rang true to so many people. It's a typical story about how bus drivers get caught in the middle of things. It could have happened on any bus, anywhere in the world. And the comments just kept coming and coming...

Some people started to share longer stories with us and give us ideas for the next film.

By Friday 2,827 people had commented on the video.

Friday evening

On Friday evening I got a call from Danny, the director. He told me that he and the main actor had been suspended by their employer. He wasn't sure why yet but he knew it was connected with the short film. I called up the London Evening Standard and asked them not to publish a story about the film on their website. Then I unpublished the Facebook page until I'd managed to speak to the bus company and find out what their concerns were.

Where next?

I think this film could  be a fantastic opportunity for Go Ahead London to show their support for their drivers and tell their story to the general public. Sadly, the company does not believe that the film portrays its drivers in a positive light and asked us not to share the film on social media.

For the moment, I'm happy to bank the film as a success. We achieved audience figures that most short film makers dream of and I feel lucky to have been part of that. It's clear from the reaction we saw that thousands of bus drivers loved it and believed more people should see it.


37... a film by a bus driver (2017)

An average day on a bus, directed by a bus driver and starring another bus driver.

Run time: 5 min 58 seconds

directed by Danny Monteith
director of photography - Edie Grace Amos
editor - Ruta Sile

written and produced by Richard Braham
executive producers - Matthew King, Ryan Robotham

CAST (in order of appearance)
Danny, the driver - Carlos Morgado
Sven, the construction worker - Adrian Perez
Edward, the man in a suit - Sam Elwin
Anna, the cleaning lady - Rosalina Morris
Derron, the schoolboy - McMillan Ngwena
Scarlet, the schoolgirl - Heaven Menkir
Hannah, the student - Rebecca Phillips
Kayla, the student - Merissa Mckenzie
Jill, the bag lady - Sue Brodie
Michael, the controller - Matthew King
Josh, the hipster - Wesley Lineham
Isabel, the posh lady - Helan Evans

casting directors - Frances Cholerton, Patrick Taylor

assistant camera - Marina De La Dehesa
sound recordist - David Cann
wardrobe - Katie-Jane Elliott
make-up - Alice Rudwick
production assistant - Johnny Lillis
bus driver - Timothy Peck

sound design - Megan Lee
colour - James Harding

with thanks to Sussex Coaches, The Wood House & The Remakery

music from www.bensound.com