Imagining Things (2013)

A fresh look at maths.

12 mins 43 seconds
Directors: Anna Seigal and Richard Braham

Featuring interviews with:
Vicky Neale (senior teaching associate),
Imre Leader (professor),
Charlie Gilderdale (senior research associate),
Steve Hewson (nrich post-16 coordinator),
Aled Walker (3rd year student),
John Gowers (2nd year student),
Gus Longergan (4th year student),
Shani Cohen (4th year student),
Tash Morrisson (4th year student),
Danial Alvarez-Gavela (4th year student),
Alex Veitch (3rd year student),
Zoe Wyatt (3rd year student),
Yuming Mei (3rd year student),
Isaac Henrion (3rd year student)

Music: Alex Veitch on Piano, improvisation over "Is You Is Or Is You Ain't My Baby" by Louis Jordan

With thanks to: Stewart Horder, Leo Horstmeyer, Tim Khoury, Graham Feinson, Matti Ungheretti.

Filmed at the Centre for Mathematical Studies, Cambridge University 2013.